General Motors Services

General Motors Service & Maintenance in Panorama City

 If you are looking for a reputable auto repair shop to repair and maintain your General Motors vehicle in Panorama City, look no further. At Roscoe Auto Center, we handle all your vehicle needs to ensure the best levels of performance and efficiency.

 Our master technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair all General Motors vehicle models. We guarantee the best price for all repair and maintenance services. At Roscoe Auto Center, we have the proper tools and equipment to perform everything from oil changes to engine replacements.

 Maintain your GM vehicle’s’ safety, reliability, and value by keeping it in good working condition with the most competitive prices available in Panorama City. You can always count on our experts to answer your questions and address service needs of your GM vehicle.

The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

▪Scheduled or half interval oil service                    ▪ SRS Airbag Lights Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Inspections 1/2 & conditional based services    ▪ ABS Malfunction Diagnostics

▪ Inspection I Service                                                 ▪ DSC Malfunction Diagnostics

▪ Inspection II Service                                               ▪ Brakes, Anti lock Brake (ABS) Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Engine & Transmission Mounts                           ▪ Engine Cooling System Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Major Engine Overhaul/Repair                            ▪ Paintless Dent Removal

▪ Oil & Fluid Leaks                                                     ▪ Timing Chain, VANOS system Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Chassis/Suspension Diagnostics/Repair           ▪ Interior Trim Repair

▪ Clutch Replacement                                               ▪ Wheel Repair, Including Bent or Scuffed Wheels

▪ Transmission & Differential Services/Replacement        ▪ Radar System Installations

▪ Differential Maintenance Repair/Replacement and Upgrade

▪ Ride Leveling/Air Suspension Systems Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Complete Engine cooling systems/Water Pumps, Thermostats, Water Hoses

▪ Check Engine Lights/Warning Indicators Diagnostics/Repair


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