BMW Services

In the world of European auto repair, you have some cars that require genuine training and specialized knowledge, BMW is surely one of those brands. Regular services and repair as well as preventive maintenance is the key to improve and increase the life span of your BMW. Master technicians at Roscoe Auto center  not only have the knowledge and the skill to handle your BMW’s repair or  maintenance service, but also have the latest scanning equipment for the vehicles serviced.

Keeping your BMW in the best condition can be in starts with one simple service, fresh oil every 3,000 miles and a clean air filter. Those two items alone can save you thousands in repair bills down the

At Roscoe Auto Center we offer a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here your BMW will pass a thorough and detailed diagnosis and our certified technicians will advise you on matters related to the maintenance or repair of your Bimmer.

The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

▪Scheduled or half interval oil service                    ▪ SRS Airbag Lights Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Inspections 1/2 & conditional based services    ▪ ABS Malfunction Diagnostics

▪ Inspection I Service                                                 ▪ DSC Malfunction Diagnostics

Inspection II Service                                               ▪ Brakes, Anti lock Brake (ABS) Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Engine & Transmission Mounts                           ▪ Engine Cooling System Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Major Engine Overhaul/Repair                            ▪ Paintless Dent Removal

▪ Oil & Fluid Leaks                                                     ▪ Timing Chain, VANOS system Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Chassis/Suspension Diagnostics/Repair           ▪ Interior Trim Repair

▪ Clutch Replacement                                               ▪ Wheel Repair, Including Bent or Scuffed Wheels

▪ Transmission & Differential Services/Replacement        ▪ Radar System Installations

▪ Differential Maintenance Repair/Replacement and Upgrade

▪ Ride Leveling/Air Suspension Systems Diagnostics/Repair

▪ Complete Engine cooling systems/Water Pumps, Thermostats, Water Hoses

▪ Check Engine Lights/Warning Indicators Diagnostics/Repair